Safe and reliable transport for your pets across  Europe and the UK

At Euro Pet Transport, your pets needs come first.  Our Defra certified transport is fully equipped with spacious cages, clean bedding and air conditioning, ensuring your pets are comfortable throughout their journey.  Good quality food and fresh drinking water is always available for every animal although customers are welcome to provide a favourite or special dietary dry food if preferred. 

Pets safety is paramount therefore all our cages are only accessible inside the transport, with cages only being opened when all doors and windows are firmly closed.  We exercise all dogs, unless otherwise requested, on a regular basis using slip leads, with transport stopping frequently at safe locations during daylight hours.  Two drivers ensure that the journey can be done in the shortest time and with a pet carer on board attending to all the pets needs, you can be confident that your pet will arrive at their destination without delay and in safe hands.




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